With the temperature and heat index being 90 and above most days here in these NY streets, comfort ability and of course, fashion forward as well as on trend footwear is a MUST.  Wanted Shoes has some of the most sizz'ln #summer2017 wedge sneakers; slip-on sneakers; sandals and slip on shoes.  Similar styles were previewed and seen on New York Fashion Week's 2017 Spring runway which highlighted this summer's hottest looks!

      Influencer, Linda Delores, can be seen rocking #wantedshoes Campus classic loafer in wine.  This shoe is timeless and can be apart of your outfit details for #ootd(outfit of the day) and #ootn(outfit of the night).  Just like food-pairing is paramount to a food blogger and foodies like us, these shoes pair beautifully dressed up or worn casually for another "look of the day" plus they make for a back-to-school wardrobe essential statement shoe.

     We also caught up with Influencer, Jeannie Ortega, while she was on location at TBN studios taping episodes for her new show on TBN Salsa entitled, "In The Mix".  Jeannie will be seen rocking the Pocono wedge sneaker in rosegold by Wanted Shoes in an upcoming episode featuring Bre Nicole and they look fabulous!  These wedge sneakers can dress up any jean and they are most definitely great for pounding the pavement often referred to as the "concrete jungle" of our beloved NYC streets.  So much inspiration mixed with endless style and swag!  So much so, that Jeannie had to #presspause for an #inpromptu photo shoot. Check out the Canva artwork collage we made of the different looks Jeannie rocked while in NYC last week. We are also loving her #fromwhereistand airport shot.  From our #pov(point of view) those Baldwin black patent sandals are a summer #musthave so whether you head on over to your nearest Macy's or shop Wanted Shoes directly by visiting them at: we just know that you will love, love, love them as much as we do!  Enjoy and have a wonderful #wantedshoeswednesday!

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Shop these Pocono wedge sneakers in rosegold by Wanted Shoes

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