Sienna V.

Introducing Sienna V. by way of Karynsphotobooth

     Sienna V. is a 5 year old model as well as child influencer with non verbal autism.  Through the lens and beautifully curated creative content of Sienna's mommy, Karynsphotobooth, we are taken on a whimsical journey of an extraordinary world changer in-the-making.   Fall in love with the iconic visual expressions of a little girl who through her mother's guidance; encouragement; love and  camera lens all while penning dailyinspo that has created a community of followers who are rooting for Sienna V. to win as well as continuously shine-bright-like-a-diamond.

     Sienna V. and Karyn are inspiring parents along children to never give up and to not be defined by prognosis; diagnosis; circumstance; or situation.  Being courageous; transparent as well as authentically you will always inspire and bless others.  We are super excited for @Karynsphotobooth to launch her blog November 2017: stay-tuned for more deets.

     Karynsphotobooth celebrates the uniqueness we all have and her daily inspo fosters visioncasting.  Our aspirations should always be limitless and we should never be afraid to dare to dream.  It is when you dream that our dreams can take you to places beyond your wildest imagination: that is the heart of an influencer.   We should never be afraid to be ourselves; for we all have a purpose and by faith we can make an influential difference through the eye of our very own lens all while partnering with others to promote brand love that organically heightens an awareness that transcends words; time as well as ad space.  Super excited to partner and pair with Sienna V. and Karynsphotobooth as they curate Sienna's personal style, that has so much sauce, through creative content embodying such depth that will surely captivate your heart like she continuously captivates ours.

Sienna V.'s social media and press kit available upon request.

Sienna V. and her Mom, Karyn are featured in The Editor's letter of Posh Kids Magazine's CEO and Editor-in-Chief, Maximo Hamilton, available for purchase via digital download and or hard-copy. This extraordinary magazine features some of the most inspiring children and families who are influencing as well as changing the world.  Follow Posh Kids Magazine on Instagram and subscribe to their newsletter too.

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