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     Good morning, and happy Monday :)  If we were to look at some of the top trending hastags, #motivationalmonday would definitely be there.  Many of us would agree that we should be and for the most part: motivated daily, right?  Here at Team B Inspired Agency, our day to day literally inspires me because honestly, we look for inspiration in all things.  One area where I find a great source of inspiration is in philanthropy.  It is always such a blessing to work with brands because of the essence of brand collaborations which at the heart of each one we always find a beautiful brand pairing that will inspire as well as influence.

     The brands we have worked with and continue to work with each have such inspiring missions as well as visions.  It is ever so important to highlight those amazing areas where brands are inspiring others to aspire to dream big as this will only further inspire others to aspire to inspire.  The passion of a brand is also the pulse and the heartbeat of a brand.  As a result, creative content can be curated organically.

     On our Influencer, Linda Delores', most recent trip to Hawaii, she captured just that as she reconnected with her Hawaiian roots and created such beautiful content at the Dole Plantation.  I'm sure that we would agree that a well-designed and finely crafted camera is essential as well as key to curating beautiful content so much so that it contours the face of your brand.  Moreover, we can find countless stories of how so many have given their all by investing in the development of their brands.

     For an Influencer, Blogger and Vlogger it is extremely important to have the tools necessary to curate beautiful content.  Linda really wanted to ensure that her followers were presented with content that embodied a level of quality paramount to the art of influence in and through her circles of influence.      
     Our platforms give us the opportunity to share our perspectives and we love, love, love how Linda creatively visualized her look from Cooper & Ella x Dream Hotels. This beautiful kaftan by Cooper & Ella x Dream Hotels is stunning and we were delighted with the radiant colors and pixel quality Linda's content exuded when she used her brand new Cannon DSLR EOS D80.

     They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder...We loved how beautiful Linda and her look were photographed when Linda showed Papi Figgs, a very popular music producer on The Islands of Hawaii, tips on creating the content she envisioned as he photographed Linda with her D80 by Cannon.  Linda loves the process of creating content so much so that she will soon be officially launching Seeing You by Linda Delores because she loves being on both sides of the camera.

     With that being said, how apropos that Cooper & Ella supports 100 Cameras by giving a portion of your purchase of this special Cooper & Ella x Dream Hotels Kaftan to benefit children. Please see below:
10 percent of proceeds from sales of the cooper & ella x Dream Hotels collection will benefit 100cameras, which empowers kids worldwide to share their stories through photography

Please shop and purchase your beautiful kaftan today.

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