Janet & Ariela Natalia Sotelo

     Introducing our newest clients:
Mommy Blogger & Influencer Janet Sotelo and her beautiful daughter, baby influencer, Ariela Natalia Sotelo
Welcome to the Team B Inspired Agency family!

"My name is Janet Sotelo I am a woman of faith that loves to bring joy to others through words of inspiration, food, life experiences while looking fashionable.
I met my wonderful, fun and talented husband, Edgar Sotelo ten years ago in San Francisco, California. We are currently living in New York City and enjoying life with our seven month old girl Ariela Natalia Sotelo.
I have always loved the biblical word AGAPE which means: infinite love.

I want to invite you on this journey with me in discovering AGAPE for Faith, Food, Fashion and life." - Janet Sotelo

To collaborate with Janet & Ariela Natalia Sotelo:

                                                           Brand: @faithfullythere