Welcome to Team B Inspired Agency: Officially launched 10.17.17

Welcome to Team B Inspired Agency

     "LAUNCH DAY is finally here!!!!  We are super excited that the time has finally arrived for us to launch our official website. Today, Tuesday the 17th of October, 2017 we present to you: 

     On behalf of my team and I, we are beyond humbled as well as grateful for the incredible opportunities we have been blessed with to collaborate with some of the most inspiring Influencers and Brands.  Over these past 2 two years we have developed relationships with some of the most talented, creative, and vision casting people who have been such an integral part of how and why we do what we do.

     We are always honored as well as privileged when an Influencer and Brand entrusts us with their vision.  We strive to always raise up a standard ensuring that every opportunity to brand collaborate is one that will exceed the expectation of each client.  We truly respect the art of brand curation, we recognize and value the significant role of everyone from a Brand's shipping and receiving team; to our local post offices: each step of the brand collaboration process is priceless and should always serve the next. We appreciate each time we are given the platform to offer endless opportunities to curate viable and purposeful content.

     I envisioned Team B Inspired in November of 2011.  I stepped out on faith and finally wrote down my vision three years ago.   Today, I am in complete awe of all that God has done.

     I have dedicated time to glean and take note of how other companies' empower; celebrate; support and grown their teams.  One team in particular is that of Maximo Hamilton, the CEO and the Editor-in-Chief of Posh Kids Magazine, Maximo's team truly sets a standard of excellence.  Over the past few months in particular, Leslie Pricilla, the Managing Editor and Publicist(she is beyond gifted and talented having many incredible roles) at Posh Kids Magazine has truly been a life-speaker to me as I prepared for this launch.  Posh Kids Magazine is a beautiful reminder of the mantra "Team work makes the Dream work" and when the Hurricanes impacted this amazing team:  they supported one another in ways that showed just how much of a team they truly are and why they are so successful.  They are resilient and radiate excellence.  It is always beautiful to witness a team like Maximo's team rally around each other and whose core values impact their circles of influence. We too here at Team B Inspired Agency have made the same commitment to each other folding it into our daily goals.

     The synergy of teamwork is beyond being influential as well as inspiring:  we have woven these principles into the very fabric of who we are here at Team B Inspired Agency.  My team approaches opportunities with a posture of curating content that leaves an imprint on the hearts and minds of those it touches as well as reaches.  My Team continuously amazes me in how they each create stories that engage their respective circles of influence with such depth.  This is essential to successful "brand pairing" and collaborations.  Simply put, when you flow organically; respect the process along with being present in the moments the transpire through out the journey: you will consistently be inspired to inspire.

     At Team B Inspired Agency, we curate creative content to influence as well as ignite dialogue; awaken dormant dreams with the sole purpose to be world changers with a limitless reach and spheres of influence.

      I am surrounded by an amazing team: oh what squad goals!  Moreover, the relationships that we have formed with some of the most amazing Brands have also been the wind beneath our wings.  We are especially thankful to Sherri and Wanted Shoes | April of True + Noble Apparel | India of RootedWoman | Melissa of Benevolence Boutique | Mary of True Vine Apparel  | Bri of Bri Jewels | Angel of Stalk Apparel | Denise and her team at Caked Up | Mattie of  Upcycle Hawaii | Melinda & Gina of NYToppersEstyUmbrella Los Angeles | Chase of Roar Beverages  and Shanda of Alley & Rae.

     I would like to personally thank my beautiful children who have been so instrumental in my dream coming to fruition as they encourage me on a continuum; as well as Linda Delores and her beautiful twin daughters; Shanda Aleiwe; Aisha Brady & Family; The Calabrese Family & School #3 Family; The Coleman Family; DAC & J.P.; The Conner Family; Evangelist Marie Felt; Melvin Garrett & Family; Pastor Don & Pastor Gina Glover and Family; Pastor Kaye Golden and my Redemption Church Family; Selena Fenty & Family; The Hilton Family; Julie Hyers and Family; The Kirby Family; Nilsa Lasalle; The Morales Family; Ayritha Sample & Family; Debra Valentin & Family; The Vratimos Family; Cynthia Yorro & Family;  Rabbi Anthony & Samantha Tetro; Rev. Renn & Evangelist Jeannie Ortega-Law; Monique Ward and family along with Monique Ward Corp.

     Team B Inspiredthank you for believing in me and for helping me realize my dreams.  Above all, thank you for the privilege to come alongside of you as you achieve your dreams and goals too.  May we always approach each day with a beautifully intriguing intensity of expectation to influence and to be inspired to never cease to inspire.  I am so blessed to be on this journey with you.

     Thank you to every person who made me privy to his/her dream(s); aspiration(s) and vision(s).
To my new clients as well as to my potential new clients, please promise to never stop pursuing your dreams because your ideas hold such intrinsic value and for that you must not give up.  Some people may not understand right now and that's okay because what is sometimes misunderstood should inspire you hold onto your vision with unshakable faith that it will one day come to pass  Continue to persevere no matter what or how long it takes. I have learned to always remain authentic and to be transparent all while balancing the uniqueness we all embody and to always have a pulse on what matters to those who you matter to and never be driven by anything that compromises your truth, integrity or core of who you because life is a collaboration between influence as well as inspiration.

     The influence and the impact of one's reach on social media as we know is undeniable. As a result, we have been inspired on a continuum by Karyn of @karynsphotobooth and her beautiful daughter Sienna V., posting refreshing daily inspo to her beautiful Instagram feed.  Karyn curates some of the most iconic creative content of little miss Sienna V. who is a model and brand ambassador. Sienna V. is a captivating young influencer who can be seen trending on the feed of some of the most influential children's brands across the world.  Karyn is very passionate about using her platform to inspire; encourage and celebrate her daughter as well as her family with stories that have influenced so many including myself, having inspired me on both a professional as well as personal level.

     The Team B Inspired Agency loves and respects the power of influence because it inspires a lifestyle to thrive and to soar which inevitably continues to promote and inspire. I am super excited to welcome Sienna V. and Karyn to the Team B Inspired family.  Thank you Karyn for such an honor as well as privilege to learn and grow with you: I am humbled. You have encouraged me in countless ways.  To my other Mother and daughter clients, Janet and baby Ariela Sotelo words cannot begin to express my sincerest gratitude to you and your husband for entrusting me with your brand and vision.  Your lovestory and journey of Discovering Agape continue to influence as well as inspire other families with your beautiful way of expanding your reach through sweetly translated posts in both English and Spanish that evoke for your faith; love for your family and friends along with fashion and family centered creative content: your bond with Ariela and your husband inspire your circles of influence to be present in the moment as you "live; love and laugh".   We are super excited for this fabulous opportunity to work with you and your family.

     Next, I want to say thank you to Shanda Aleiwe, Designer & Owner of Alley&Rae, my beautiful "Dollface" daughter as well as Linda Delores for all being such a tremendous source of inspiration. You have been my business mentors always making yourselves available to me as I worked diligently these past few months specifically to focus on the operations side of Team B Inspired Agency.  Shanda you have seen us evolve and grow; giving such invaluable feedback as well as insight as I prepared for today: the launch of Team B Inspired Agency.

     Linda Delores where can I even begin. First and foremost, thank you for being who you are, for being on this journey with me from the very beginning; and for sharing your extensive knowledge in marketing; public relations; brand curation and creative direction.  Your humility and beautiful spirit are a treasure and a gift.  My beautiful daughter, what's understood does not need to be said: my heart in human form.

     In addition, I would like to Jeannie Ortega, for sharing invaluable insight from being in the entertainment business for a very long time; you are knowledgeable in countless areas and you are gifted in so many ways. Thank you for sharing your life experiences with the world in order to empower us as well as to inspire us all to glorifying God in all that we do. To In The Mixx Media, thank you for giving me incredible opportunities to learn and to perfect my craft.  To your beautiful sister, Bri Jewels: you are a jewel more precious then diamonds; sliver or gold.  Your heart; creativity and passion for philanthropy are inspiring beyond words. We love, love, love your beautiful collaborations with Faith Fit Woman by Linda Delores with the Ardent triple layer statement of faith necklace and the spiral charm gold suspenders available for a limited time at To Antoine Hilton, we cannot wait for the world to hear you heart through your music which is a heart after God as well as your family. Your new single entitled, YAHWEH has been my life's soundtrack as it inspires me to keep pressing towards the mark!

     In closing, as you "shoot for the moon" with the the expectancy of landing among the stars, my team and I would love the opportunity to brand collaborate with you.  Contact us today, we are always open to collab.

Inspired Always,
Allison Lee Conner,
Influencer & Brand Manager | Publicist

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