Gods Disciple Wear x Linda Delores

     Gods Disciple Wear is such a special brand because when we reach out to Mr. & Mrs. Picone a year ago next month, they were so willing to collaborate.  Not only are their clothes beautifully made with inspiring messages: their mission is INCREDIBLE.  This beautiful husband and wife team are not only business owners, they are also "seed sowers" who focus on helping teen homelessness and volunteering in the community.  Once a month, they host a backpack giveaway to help the homeless.  They are bold about their faith and being God's disciples.

     We pray much continued success as well as blessings to Mr. & Mrs. Picone; their family as well as their ministry in the market place.  Thank you for collaborating with us!  Thank you for sewing into our vision by collaborating with someone you had never met yet believed in.  We are humbled and we are ever so grateful!  #mood & #posture = #blessed

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